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1. What’s your all-time favourite town or city?  

The city of Manilaaaa—! It’s the best, I guess. Kinda. I mean if you look past the um…everything else, it’s really great!

2. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? 

I like Piri but I’m happy with my name now! 

3. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Getting in UP-M, I guess?? I dunno… OH OH—geTTING THAT AWESOME SCHOLARSHIP IN BENILDE (thatineverreallyusedugh)

4. What are some things that scare you? 

A lot of things scare me! The dark, ghosts, rational fears like failing and junk. 

5. Do you like horror movies? 

I suppose, yeah!! But I usually can’t do it alone… otherwise, it’s on mute. xD

6. Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it? 

My mom! I always keep making mistakes, so she really helps out, ahahhhah

7. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you? 

I’m not sure if there’s anyone more or as fabbu as me, u_u (kidding)

8. Musician you would like to drop kick in the face and push down ten flights of stairs? 

I dunno—the ones that treat everything/everyone like trash just cause they’re big shots, I guess. 

9. Favorite guitarist and why?

My brother!! Cause he’s great and can play other stuff like the flute and harmonica and I’m here—being a butt with music, pft 

10. What happened in your last dream?  

OH. THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME THIS MORNING. Like, I had a dream my cousin was lovers with this Chinese guy but then she had to marry some other guy so she decided on that instead but she was all sad and stuff. 

So like the Chinese guy ended up with some other Chinese girl and then they had kids or something, I think but tHEN I MADE THE CHINESE GUY CRASH THE WEDDING WITH ME, so when we got there I grabbed my cousin and then we ran off and told her to not push through the wedding. And then yeah, no wedding yayyy

And yeah, I guess that was it. :))))


11. What’s your best friend(s) like?  

They’re complete butts like me and I love iiiiit.

12. Any concerts you’re looking forward to? 

Naaaah. I guess not. The artists I love are either dead or non really real people /sigh /sobs

13. Siblings?

Just me and my younger brother!! He’s a butt I have to love for life.

14. Name one thing you never leave the house without other than your phone

My 3DS!! @u@ 

Starry Sky: Day 3



I love him so much. 

There’s a million reasons, I just—/hnnrgh

Starry Sky: Day 2

Spring/After Spring is the best season so far!

But only because I haven’t been able to play the other three seasons the way I played Spring…

I suppose it’s cause it’s the only ones translated so far…

So far, so good though! The whole series is incredible, overall.


rukama FOUND ME OH hello I’m so happy you’re back on Tumblr! Aaaa kisses face ilu and have fun getting to know me probably way better than you ever wanted to! ; w;

MIRBBY LKAJDFHJKAFH I wish I could have followed you sooner, gOSH =)) =(((( eeeeee /w\ MUCH EXCITEMENT AAAA <3 ICAN’TWAITOMG

Starry☆Sky 10-day meme!



Here it is! Starry☆Sky meme ♥ I searched throughout the web if there was one but there wasn’t any D8 so with isayhee, we decided to make one together

01 - First, tell us about your astrological sign and the guy associated with it. Do you like him? And do you think his personality matches your sign ?
02 - Which Starry Sky game is you favorite? Why?
03 - Who is your favorite character?
04 - Who is your least favorite character?
05 - Who is/are your favorite side character(s) ?
06 - Show us your favorite CG
07 - Which route did you like the most?
08 - Which ending did you enjoy the most?
09 - Pair two Starry Sky guys and explain why.
10 - And finally, your favorite seiyuu!

Of course feel free to do it it’s what memes are made for enjoy ♥
And don’t forget to spread the word~

date a political science major


date a political science major. find us in art galleries, focused eyes pondering over the meaning of the brushstrokes that the artist laid on his canvas. or madly typing away inside a crowded coffee shop, peepers fixated on nothing but our glaring laptop screens, frenzied fingers madly filling up the spaces on a microsoft word document for a paper due three hours later.

we know the value of focus, we know the value of time. we know how to give you our full on attention when needed, to sacrifice our moments to collide with your own. sit across us after we stretch, ask about what we are writing. watch how passionate we become; transitioning from a mess of a crammed up human to an exemplary volcano of organized thoughts and mesmerizing eloquence. watch us talk about that topic we love—be it gender, democracy, human rights, or fashion.

now imagine us when we talk about you. 

date a political science major. see us in the middle of demonstrations, screaming our lungs out in a vain effort of trying to change the world. see us raising those placards up high in the air, fighting for our advocacies like they were our lives. they are our lives. and look and see how much we love it; how we would stand there in the rain just for it. we are advocates, and to advocate is to love.

we fully understand that you cannot be fully ours, as we cannot be fully yours either. we belong to the world, we belong to ourselves. but we would give you little pieces, little bits that you would cherish, little footnotes; citations that you would never miss. you will remember our words, our greek terms that you first learned from us, our questions on love, friendship, belief—the ideal. we make you remember. 

and soon enough, we will make you believe. 

date a political science major. when you ask us the perennial question of “why do you love me?” we will not close off the conversation by answering with “just because” or “do i really need a reason?”. instead, we will give you a ten-page analytical paper, written in the tone of an eloquent love letter, with a thesis statement proven especially for you.

we will write our reasons, state the facts, narrate our affection until our fingers cannot type on our keyboards’ keys anymore.we will remind you everyday that you are worth loving, that when you run out of reasons to love yourself, you can go back to that think piece of ours and reread why you deserve all that l’amour.

and if you still aren’t satisfied, we don’t ace those eleven-thesis statements for nothing.

date a political science major. we know too well that beyond all those power relations, the hegelian concept of overcoming and/or defeating the other does not apply in love. instead, we encounter the other; we will encounter you, awe at you in your full glory, slowly work with the distance of our beings by forming affinities—from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers.

we will not scare you with professions of love in one go; we will draw it out like how we write: a careful elucidation of bonds and ties, coming to a flabbergasting conclusion of headturning romance. we will never boyfriend/girlfriend zone you. we know all the bull that comes with that. we’ve encountered so many feminist writers who destroyed that notion long, long ago.

date a political science major. we are constantly searching for answers. if you are on the search for your soul, we will gladly help you with that. we will never stop searching, eternally on a timeless search for everything and nothing. we explore. we observe. we experience. and trust us, we would love to experience you.

our dates would go as empirical evidence, each snapshot recorded in the manic corners of our minds. our memory is a scrapbook of your smiles, the way you bite your lips, the way your lashes flutter as you laugh at our inside jokes. each moment will then be immortalized on paper; in song, in poetry, or in one of our thesis proposals. because seriously, we can and we will write about anything we love.

and believe us, we could totally write about you. 

date a political science major. some of us are set for world domination. and it’s more fun to rule with a partner. 

but in all seriousness, date a political science major. we are those who are in love with the world, or who are so disillusioned with it but would still hold on because they find hope in the disarray. we will not care if you are damaged; we will kiss your scars and hold you as you heal—not a fix, we know that that is too violent; and healing takes time. and we? we know how to appreciate time. because we have been taught to know when to sit down and think.

and here’s an invitation for you to go into our little worlds. our little thinkspaces. now imagine how many pictures of you are framed in that little corner.

date a political science major. think with us. move with us. be with us. 


"…so disillusioned with it but would still hold on because they find hope in disarray."

Anonymous sent: Your art is cute, don't give up!

It is? ;3; Oh wow, that really means a lot! I really know it’s not that great, but I’ll try my best to deserve those words~ Thank you, anonnnn. >u< 

Anonymous sent: You are so so precious c:

E-Eh? ;u; Oh my, thank you!! You’re precious as well, anonnnn. <3