Anonymous sent: Can you please, please draw some more Deihina, if you have the time? :)


Definitely!! <33 

I’m so glad to see there are people who really appreciate this pairing! <3 


hinata—what are you doing…

freckle-prince sent: Hey dweeb nerd of my heart TRACK UR TAG I TAG YOU IN RLLY CUTE STUFF


gonna cri 



/casually stalks tag because kokoro feels //////



renaerys sent: omfg please ignore that typo i meant to say deihina!!!! your deihina art is FABULOUS. sorry for that typo -___-


I-It’s that fabulous writer who wrote that fabulous DeiHina fic sjkfhakjsdfha ofsfkjhfdjkf kdfk /sobs /dies /I can’t stop reading it over and over and idk sdfksdf QuQ;;;

Nononononoo omg it’s okay, really…!! Aaah I’m so happy you like them!! 

Your fic was really an inspiration and and DeiHina is a great pair I love this ship so much sigh bless you for being so amazing thank you so much!! ; ;;

gaia stuff I got done lately. @,@

such inflation much gold

Tagged by dei-kun bby freckle-cat!~ Aah, I’ve never been tagged at anything beforeee…! QuQ;; I dunno if I’m doing it riiight—/slapped

1. What’s your all-time favourite town or city?  

The city of Manilaaaa—! It’s the best, I guess. Kinda. I mean if you look past the um…everything else, it’s really great!

2. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? 

I like Piri but I’m happy with my name now! 

3. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Getting in UP-M, I guess?? I dunno… OH OH—geTTING THAT AWESOME SCHOLARSHIP IN BENILDE (thatineverreallyusedugh)

4. What are some things that scare you? 

A lot of things scare me! The dark, ghosts, rational fears like failing and junk. 

5. Do you like horror movies? 

I suppose, yeah!! But I usually can’t do it alone… otherwise, it’s on mute. xD

6. Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it? 

My mom! I always keep making mistakes, so she really helps out, ahahhhah

7. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you? 

I’m not sure if there’s anyone more or as fabbu as me, u_u (kidding)

8. Musician you would like to drop kick in the face and push down ten flights of stairs? 

I dunno—the ones that treat everything/everyone like trash just cause they’re big shots, I guess. 

9. Favorite guitarist and why?

My brother!! Cause he’s great and can play other stuff like the flute and harmonica and I’m here—being a butt with music, pft 

10. What happened in your last dream?  

OH. THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME THIS MORNING. Like, I had a dream my cousin was lovers with this Chinese guy but then she had to marry some other guy so she decided on that instead but she was all sad and stuff. 

So like the Chinese guy ended up with some other Chinese girl and then they had kids or something, I think but tHEN I MADE THE CHINESE GUY CRASH THE WEDDING WITH ME, so when we got there I grabbed my cousin and then we ran off and told her to not push through the wedding. And then yeah, no wedding yayyy

And yeah, I guess that was it. :))))


11. What’s your best friend(s) like?  

They’re complete butts like me and I love iiiiit.

12. Any concerts you’re looking forward to? 

Naaaah. I guess not. The artists I love are either dead or non really real people /sigh /sobs

13. Siblings?

Just me and my younger brother!! He’s a butt I have to love for life.

14. Name one thing you never leave the house without other than your phone

My 3DS!! @u@ 

Starry Sky: Day 3



I love him so much. 

There’s a million reasons, I just—/hnnrgh

Starry Sky: Day 2

Spring/After Spring is the best season so far!

But only because I haven’t been able to play the other three seasons the way I played Spring…

I suppose it’s cause it’s the only ones translated so far…

So far, so good though! The whole series is incredible, overall.


rukama FOUND ME OH hello I’m so happy you’re back on Tumblr! Aaaa kisses face ilu and have fun getting to know me probably way better than you ever wanted to! ; w;

MIRBBY LKAJDFHJKAFH I wish I could have followed you sooner, gOSH =)) =(((( eeeeee /w\ MUCH EXCITEMENT AAAA <3 ICAN’TWAITOMG